Sunday, March 19, 2017

A Coalescing Resistance

This post will have to be short.  I've been very busy over the last few days, and things are starting to move rather fast.

A number of nonwhite engineers and other degreed professionals (including myself) in my area have gotten together to start a volunteer group engaged in building parallel institutions.  We had our first meeting this weekend.  The initial focus of our group will be on providing a parallel option for educating low-income youth in our area.  It will be an all-volunteer, self-funded venture, provided free of charge.  As we are able to be successful in this venture, we intend to branch out into other ventures, such as helping low-income neighborhoods become more economically self-reliant.  We will be creating a blog in the next few months or so to document our efforts.  Although we the volunteers are nonwhite, our offerings will be available for all low-income people, regardless of color or national origin.

I have also discovered other resistance groups in my area, and we will be getting together next month for a series of presentations on nonviolent resistance.  And I have discovered a volunteer group which recently put on a presentation designed to help people who have to live outside.  (That's the homeless population, in plain English.)  They also provided resources on health care options for the homeless.  I intend to network with this group and have an idea exchange with them.

Lastly, in the next few weeks I will hopefully develop a flyer titled, "The Resistance Lifestyle," containing tips on how people can develop their own networks of self-reliance while withdrawing as much as possible from the formal economy.  (Thanks very much, Aimee and CZBZ for your frugal living tips.  I will incorporate some of them into the flyer.)  And I and others will be handing out these flyers in as many places as possible.

That's all for now.  (Speaking of self-reliance, I have to run and buy a half yard of compost for my garden.)  Have a good week!


CZBZ said...

I admire your passion and your energy! Thank you for sharing what you are doing to create a healthier and more just society. We have to do more than we say in recovery circles: "Ya gotta walk your talk" and you are doing that. Good luck! (Thanks for using some of my frugal-living ideas!)

Aimee said...

I am so inspired and admiring of your proactive work. Here in my little corner of the globe (which is within a vey few miles of an international border) I have been organizing small scale resistance to ICE and deportation squads. I made a short list of people who are willing to be on a phone list too be called at any time, day or night, in case of unexpected raids or detentions, and who can provide emergency transportation and/or accommodations to relatives. We all paid for background checks and provided copies of licenses and insurance, and most of us are already known to local immigrant advocacy groups. It sometimes happens, alas, that parents are detained and children are left unattended. Many undocumented people right now are trying to put plans in place so that if anything happens, their children will not be placed into foster care, but cared for until relatives can come get them. It's not always easy to think of ways to be a good ally - as a privileged white person - and I would be grateful for your suggestions.