Saturday, April 12, 2008


Hey now,
the well run dry,
pages of your book on fire,
read the writing
on the wall
- Joe Walsh

This blog is, as its title states, a diary of life on the down slope of Hubbert's Peak. "What is Hubbert's Peak?" you may ask? It is the maximum rate at which a resource can be extracted and used by a technological society. The most famous peak is Peak Oil, but there are other resource peaks which are becoming apparent. We in Western society have enjoyed the biggest fling of consumption in history. But the signs suggest that the party's over. Welcome to my journal of one man's daily experiences at the beginning of a great change.

One other thing: I am the author of the blog, TH in SoC. On that blog, I discussed issues relating to political power. This blog, The Well Run Dry, will expand on these issues in a way which is not suitable for TH in SoC, since that blog is actually more about religious issues. I also hope to post pictures on The Well Run Dry, as I have opportunity.

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