Wednesday, March 5, 2014

An Anglo-American Monkey Dance

I too have been following the unfolding situation in Ukraine.  I too have noticed the parallels between Ukraine and Syria ("democratic" revolutions instigated by means of mercenaries and other unsavory types financed by the West in order to prepare a country for rape by rich Westerners).  The revolutions are ending badly, and the speckled past and checkered character of the instigators is being brought to light for anyone who is willing to pay attention.

There is another parallel between the situations in both countries, namely, the
monkey dance which was enacted by Anglo-American media along with the Executive and Legislative branches of the British and American governments during the manufactured Syrian nerve gas attack which Messrs. Obama, Biden and Kerry tried to use as a basis for military action in Syria.  The same monkey dance is being enacted again by all the organs of American media over the Ukrainian crisis.  One way to defuse a monkey dance is to respond calmly and rationally - even indifferently - to the monkey who is dancing, while going on with your business.  That seems to be the course which Mr. Putin is taking.  I think he is a wise man.  On the other hand, I wish the American, British and European monkeys would shut up and realize that they can't own the entire world.  If I thought voting would do any good, I'd be up for throwing a few monkeys out of office.

By the way, did anyone notice that in the controversy surrounding Edward Snowden's leak of NSA documents revealing NSA snooping on world leaders, it was the British and the American governments who spied on everyone else?  I sometimes wonder if Anglo-American global policy isn't governed by a British wish for rich, blond Anglophones to re-establish British global hegemony, coupled with a somewhat clueless American willingness to play the stooge.  One thing that fuels such a suspicion is the extensive coverage of the British royal family by the American media - especially by the gossip magazines that one finds next to the checkout stands of many American supermarkets.  But then again, maybe I'm a bit paranoid...

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lev said...

I'm glad to see that you're not swallowing what the main stream media is feeding everyone, I didn't expect you would and from what I can tell less and less people are.