Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Numbers Tell The Story, Part 1

I went shopping this weekend. Some prices at Winco (which saves costs by making customers bag their own groceries):
  • Brown rice (bulk): 96 cents/pound (It was 55 cents/pound as late as February)
  • Lentils (bulk): 88 cents/pound (Lentils were around 49 cents/pound as late as February)
  • Sun Laundry Detergent (I can't remember the size right off, and I'm not at home now. It was the biggest plastic tub I could find of the stuff): $7.98 (Since last year, their biggest plastic tub shrank)
  • Gillette Custom Shavers, 5-pack, disposable: $4.54
And as for gas prices...need I say anything?

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